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Power and performance. Perfectly balanced.


Dyson Cinetic™ science.

35 Dyson Cinetic TM cyclones accelerate air to 180mph, generating over 100,000 g-force to fling microscopic particles out of the airflow. The Dyson Cinetic™ tips oscillate at up to 5000Hz, so the tiny particles can't clog them - and the vacuum maintains constant, powerful suction.


Hygienic one-click bin emptying.

The hygienic bin emptying mechanism is spring-loaded, so it ejects dirt at the push of a button. The stainless steel shroud is chemically etched with over 30,000 holes, each measuring 250 microns – one-eighth the size of a pin head. This creates a smooth surface for the silicon shroud-wiping collar to slide down, driving out trapped dust and debris.


Self-righting technology.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball™ vacuum is monostatic - it has a single, stable resting point. With the heaviest components nearest the floor, its low centre of gravity helps the vacuum to stay balanced and upright. And if it does get knocked over, gravitational force automatically self-rights it.


Pneumatic cleaner head.

A surface recognition sensor detects changes in floor type. It then automatically controls the flow of air to the compression chamber, which raises and lowers the tool baseplate to maximise suction.

  • 100,000 G-force created in the cyclones
  • 5,000 Hz oscillation speed of the cyclone tips, to prevent clogging
  • 1 Micron tolerance during chemical etching of the shroud

"We developed the self-righting technology, along with the machine’s new format, in a hands-on way. Producing numerous rigs and testing them in the real world, rather than with computer modelling, gave us a deep appreciation of usability."

Sam Bernard Dyson Engineer

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