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Deep cleaning for your entire home


Picks itself up.

With a low centre of gravity in the ball, the Dyson Big Ball™ vacuum picks itself up if it gets knocked over. Which makes it easy to manoeuvre around your home.


Self-adjusts to clean every floor type.

The new Dyson Pneumatic cleaner head senses floor surfaces and self-adjusts - sealing in suction across all floor types.


Hygienic one-click bin emptying.

A new spring-loaded bin emptying mechanism drives out dust and debris with one push of a button. So you don't have to touch the dirt.


Reaches difficult dirt with less effort.

An Articulated wand handle rotates in three directions, allowing 360° articulation for greater control. Easy, versatile cleaning.


Deep clean with less noise.

Acoustically re-engineered for 25% less noise¹ and improved sound quality. With no compromise in cleaning performance.

  • Large capacity bin

    Captures more dirt and debris for fewer cleaning interruptions.

  • Quick-release tools

    Easily change tools between tasks with the push of a button.

  • Combination and Stair tools

    Vacuum the stairs, clean crevices and remove dust throughout the home.




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